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Getting Started
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Health and Wellness Coaching

Getting Started

The definition of Health & Wellness is different for each person.   At CenesTherapeutics it means being aware of and making the right choices for a fulfilling and healthy life, eating to nourish our bodies and exercise so our bodies are moving are all part of wellness.

Health & Wellness has a presence in many areas of our lives, not just our physical health; it also includes our emotional, mental and even our sexual health.

Most people think of being free from illness when they think of wellness and while that is part of it, it also includes a facet of other areas; diet and nutrition, fitness, mental health & one’s happiness. It also includes looking at areas of our lives that are unfulfilled or need some attention and then learning how to make changes.

Often times we desire to be or do something different than where we currently are in life. Understanding where we really want to be and then incorporating steps to get there is also part of a healthy and well life.

Step 1: New to Health and Wellness

We begin with an initial free consultation where we will discuss your concerns and begin to prepare an individualized plan.

STEP 2: Download Our Client Questionnaire Form

For your convenience we have provided our client questionnaire form for you to print, fill out and bring with you to your session. This helps us to get to know your goals and specific needs!


More Than Just Nutrition

Different than work with a dietician, our nutrition coaching will educate the client how and what to eat without the use of a meal plan. We are a society acutely aware of the many diet pills, diet plans, weight loss strategies and weight loss centers. It is easiest to reach for a pill, drink a beverage or attend a meeting. The weight often times comes off, eventually it returns.

Our goal is to educate our clients so they understand what they are eating, how it affects their bodies, why it is important and why they should or should not eat it.

We have seen success with clients who suffer from chronic inflammation and encourage them to follow The Abascal Way. Please visit our class schedule for dates & times this class will be offered.

Staying Healthy

At CenesTherapeutics we utilize a client centered approach. Clients receive a free consultation where we discuss all areas of life; nutrition, fitness, emotional, relationships, employment, spiritual and even sexual health. Once we establish what the client would like to work on we establish a program where we work on the following:

  • Learn what motivates and drives you, the client
  • Learn new ways to inspire healthier habits
  • Goal setting
  • How to work towards better health
  • Discover and overcome personal obstacles
  • Evaluate nutrition
  • Assess level of fitness
  • How we may be able to change and incorporate healthier options

Health & Wellness Coaching

Initial Consultation: FREE!

Individual Session:
5 pack of classes: $200 ($40/session)

All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full session amount.